Social Media Marketing

Capitalize on the millions of people using social media everyday by making them customers. With good management and sharing the right content we will attract your ideal client so you can increase your sales.

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Social Media Marketing and Community Management

The way your target audience views your business is a huge factor on your success. We make sure that your brand stands out and we keep your customers engaged through a unique social media marketing strategy.

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Keeping it Simple but Exciting.

We focus on keeping the communication with your customers simple but exciting.

Simple because we like to speak directly with your following and give them a personalized experience showing them that we genuinely care.

Exciting because we like to create amazing content to share and make them interact with your business. This keeps them excited about your posts and increases the likelihood of them sharing to their circle of friends.

More shares equals more leads and more sales.

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How can we help your Business?

Social Media Marketing

Make the most out of your social media presence by engaging the right audience, running the right type of campaigns and collecting enough data to make any adjustments along the way.

Content Marketing

Content is king. We can help elevate your brand and business by creating amazing content and sharing this at the right time and day on the right platforms to capitalize on your fan base and create leads.

Community Management

Your business probably has an account on various platforms and it is time consuming to manage them all. We can take care of that for you and ensure you get the best results from all of your online accounts.

Retargeting Campaigns

Not everyone is ready to buy on that first visit. We make sure to track your visitors and target them on later campaigns on their social media so they can have a second chance at becoming a lead or sale.

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Increase your Following

With our unique social media strategy, we can attract your ideal customer.

Social media is a very powerful way to reach potential customers. There are millions of people very active in different platforms every day already interacting with many brands and businesses. If your business doesn’t have a good presence on social media, you are missing out on a lot of possible leads.

You have to be much more personal through social media, that will keep customers engaged, looking for your posts in their feed and actually interact with the content you share. This will make them advocates of your brand and share your content with their circle of friends which can then further share the post and so on. This can create an endless circle of people looking at your posts which brings your brand awareness to another level and increases your reach beyond your expectations.

Image of our team reviewing the data collected so we can make desicions in our strategy to increase sales.

Increase Your Sales

Once we have a good content marketing strategy in place, solid numbers coming up in the reports, we can use that data to make decisions on how to improve your marketing and advertising strategy.

The campaign as a whole goes through multiple phases, like bringing brand awareness, setting different marketing goals like number of engagements, driving traffic to your website or simply guiding them to talk to you directly through your social media page. Once the customer goes through all the phases, they will be a much more qualified lead and an advocate of your brand.

We will provide you with detailed reports and show you exactly what is happening and how we are going to capitalize on it. We can also retarget customers who visited your website with ads so they don’t forget about you and perhaps with a little more convincing they can become customers.

There are multiple platforms we must take advantage of, like facebook, instagram, twitter, Pinterest,etc. Depending on your business we will focus on where your target audience hangs out online.

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